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Great to be Back

The assistant principal encountered a first grade girl flying down the hallway on the third day of school. Her hands were up and her fingers spread. The look on her face was sheer panic. Her words to the assistant principal tumbled out in terror like a machine gun on rapid fire.

 “I went to the restroom for just a second…just a second… When I returned to the room, it was empty. They’re missing….They’re gone…The entire class. They’re gone and I can’t find them anywhere… They were there and now they’re gone.” A genuine mystery.

 The assistant principal and first grader returned to the room together. All the while the little girl was muttering, “They’re missing…all gone.” They opened the door to the classroom and all of the students were present.

 Looking first with big eyes, she smiled sheepishly and said, “Oops… Wrong door!”, and skipped into her classroom.

 It’s great to be back in school.

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Amazing Students

We have some amazing students in Pasadena ISD! Last year our students at every level achieved success in academics, art, athletics and music. A growing number of our high school students took dual credit and advanced placement courses, earning college credit along the way. More than 83 percent of our seniors graduated in four years, a significantly higher percentage than the state standard. It was a good year.

Our students’ success depends largely on our people. We encouraged our principals and teachers this year to make an unmistakable impact on every student in every classroom every day. It is a challenge we embrace with joy.  When I hear the passion in the voices of our principals and see the concern in the eyes of our teachers, I know our students are in good hands. I’m convinced. We have some amazing students in Pasadena ISD. It’s going to be great year!