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Welcome Back, Alumni

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Welcome Back, Alumni

Special Agent LeRoy Jethro Gibbs on NCIS reminds me weekly that “Once a Marine, always a Marine.”

It’s true. Institutional pride binds us together. As college alumni, we connect experiences with other Red Raiders, Aggies, Longhorns or Cougars. As high school graduates, we take pride in being Eagles, Trojans, Texans, Longhorns or Mavericks. For too many years, Pasadena ISD failed to actively reach out to alumni of our schools. We want to make up for that oversight.

A large number of alumni have been returning to our high school homecoming activities in recent years. Al Carter, communications coordinator for Pasadena ISD and SoHo alum, and a number of his friends took significant steps to build a viable alumni association for South Houston High School. The Trojans planned extensive activities this year involving hundreds of former students. The school inducted a new class of graduates into its Hall of Honor.  We’re seeing similar interest grow among alumni of Pasadena’s other high schools.

Graduates from all of our schools distinguish themselves each year in every conceivable career. Not limiting themselves to homecoming activities, many of our graduates give time and resources to the school that provided them such a solid foundation for success.

Welcome back alumni. We’re awfully glad you’re here.

Author: Dr. Kirk Lewis

Dr. Kirk Lewis serves as Superintendent of the Pasadena Independent School District, a position he has held since April, 2006. Over the past 26 years Dr. Lewis has served as the Deputy Superintendent for Administration, Public Relations and Governmental Affairs; Executive Director for Communications and Community Relations; and Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent.

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