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The Heart of the Community

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I believe one can tell the strength of a community’s heartbeat by the way it supports its schools. If that’s true, the Pasadena ISD community is as healthy as a marathon runner. I find multiple evidence for my diagnosis. Consider the number of business partnerships, the financial donations to school programs, HOSTS volunteers, career and technical internships offered by area businesses. The community’s involvement in our schools touches almost every area.

There may be no more compelling evidence of our community’s support of its schools than the continued growth of the McDonald’s Texas Invitational Basketball Tournament.  For the past decade, the City of Pasadena, the Chamber of Commerce, the Pasadena school district, Deer Park ISD and a growing number of businesses in the area have joined with more than 400 volunteers to host the tournament. Teams and visitors from across the state get a chance to feel first-hand the hospitality of the Pasadena community and experience all that is good about living in our community. Now, the boys and girls championship games are broadcast on the Internet and on national television Saturday. The entire nation sees what we see every day. Pasadena is a vibrant community with great businesses, great schools and great people.

While it is a wonderful way to promote our community, the tournament will raise close to $200,000 this year. Those funds will flow through Pasadena and Deer Park education foundations toward mini-grants for teachers in both districts. Each mini-grant improves the academic opportunities of students throughout our community. Stronger schools and stronger students build stronger communities. If that doesn’t get your heart racing, nothing will.

Thank you to all the tournament sponsors and volunteers who make this great event happen. Hope to see you at the games this weekend.

Author: Dr. Kirk Lewis

Dr. Kirk Lewis serves as Superintendent of the Pasadena Independent School District, a position he has held since April, 2006. Over the past 26 years Dr. Lewis has served as the Deputy Superintendent for Administration, Public Relations and Governmental Affairs; Executive Director for Communications and Community Relations; and Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent.

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