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The State Has Needs

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The Texas Legislature has its work cut out for itself in the legislative session that just convened. The optimists among us grin because the Comptroller says the state has $8.8 billion in unanticipated revenue available to the legislature and a very healthy “rainy day” fund in excess of $11.8 billion. The pessimists among us sigh when we know the state faces serious and costly issues in social services, transportation, water, and public and higher education as it moves deeper into the 21st century.

In public education, the conversation will focus on funding, reduced state testing, career and technical education, school choice and school safety…not necessarily in that order of importance.

Let me encourage you to pay attention to the work of the legislature this session. It is a critical time for our state. They will make better decisions for Texas when all Texans are informed and engaged in the process. Over the next few weeks, I’ll address some of the public education issues and the impact proposed legislation in these areas may have on Pasadena ISD and our students.

I’m certain there will be many groups clamoring for attention over the next five months…including worried superintendents like me. While I don’t envy the work our legislators must do, it is the work they signed up to do. Let’s hope they do it well.

Author: Dr. Kirk Lewis

Dr. Kirk Lewis serves as Superintendent of the Pasadena Independent School District, a position he has held since April, 2006. Over the past 26 years Dr. Lewis has served as the Deputy Superintendent for Administration, Public Relations and Governmental Affairs; Executive Director for Communications and Community Relations; and Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent.

One thought on “The State Has Needs

  1. Yes I agree. Then to hear this week that our Governor wants to return the taxes to “the people” instead of returning the cuts to the school districts makes me believe that our representatives will not be able to accomplish too much. This is not an easy solution. Increased security at our schools is needed. Around our office we seem to be under the impression that a rainy day fund police officer at each front door to a school would be money well spent. Stick him in the parking lot, limited access to the children to ward off any concerns from parents that think their students are being mistreated by improperly trained officers. Then as their training progresses allow him more access. An officer at the front door removes the impression of “soft targets”.

    Thank you for your time. Be well, do good work, and don’t forget to leave the job at the door when you get home.
    Steve Miner

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