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Thanking Our Board of Trustees

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January is National School Board Recognition Month and it would be insensitive to let the month pass without extending a word of appreciation to the seven-member Board of Trustees for Pasadena ISD. Though diverse in their backgrounds and their opinions, they never fail to put the children first in every decision they make. Their knowledge, insight, wisdom and common sense contribute to every success we have as a school district.

Serving on a school board is often a thankless task. The multitude of meetings, the critical conversations and difficult decisions make the work taxing in the best of times. However, those who serve as school trustees across our state, those who serve with no other agenda than making the best decisions on behalf of the students and staff they serve, find intense joy in the work.

On behalf of the Pasadena ISD staff and students, I want to encourage you to express your appreciation to the volunteer work of our Board of Trustees. Next time you see  Marshall Kendrick, Jack Bailey, Fred Roberts, Mariselle Quijano-Lerma, Vickie Morgan, Jerry Speer or Nelda Sullivan, please let them know you appreciate their devotion to our children. Pasadena ISD is blessed to have them as leaders in our community and our district. I truly believe there is no better board in Texas or in any district in the United States.

Author: Dr. Kirk Lewis

Dr. Kirk Lewis serves as Superintendent of the Pasadena Independent School District, a position he has held since April, 2006. Over the past 26 years Dr. Lewis has served as the Deputy Superintendent for Administration, Public Relations and Governmental Affairs; Executive Director for Communications and Community Relations; and Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent.

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